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Mabel K. 


Mabel has over two decades of experience in marketing and hospitality services, as well as being a certified Recruiter. She is responsible for leading a team of specialists and professionals in Singapore and Vietnam. She is happiest when she is working on a project.

We do what we love and it shows - reveals a great deal about her.

Modern Commercial Building

Joyce N. (General Manager)

Joyce has always been ready to offer her 9+ year's job experience dealing with 300 or more B2B clients. Active, ambitious, and hardworking are the greatest words to define her. Joyce is also a formidable force at work, where she uses her upbeat attitude and enthusiasm to inspire people to work hard and succeed.

Modern Commercial Building

Olivia L. (Operations Manager)

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Olivia perfectly sums up the words cheerful, active, adaptable, empathic, and compassionate. She has several years of experience in managing operations and projects. Furthermore, she has high ability to connect and inspire team members to reach the next level. She currently leads our operations team and has taken on adhoc projects to build up her career portfolio.

Cathy N. (Sales Manager)

With 6 years establishing sales in education and immigration, Cathy highly values the role of sales and training, and also to develop a strong and committed team. She adds values to the current social media channels and is expressive about innovative ideas. As a dynamic and reliable member, Cathy is proud to be a part of our team and devotes to the development of the company.


Selena B. (Chief Accountant)


Selena is a cheerful and outgoing person. She enjoys adding value to herself and the people around her. With more than 10 years of experience managing business accounting systems, Selena continuously upgrades herself to ensure the relevancy of her expertise, especially to accommodate to the fluctuating economy and regular legal updates. Selena is always prepared to take on challenging roles, so to venture to greater heights.

Kareen T. (Real Estate Consultant)

Kareen has mastered the ins and outs of property acquisitions and investments as well as territorial prospecting, building decades of experience. Not only is she a pro when it comes to advising the right choices, but Kareen has also been working wonders in our business.

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